Hello! Ciao! Hola! Bonjour! Konnichiwa! Itโ€™s Nyana.ย I have always been so conscious about my body size. I had the bad habit of comparing mine to others’ leading to thoughts like “Why aren’t my legs as long as hers?” “I wish my arms were toned like that.” “What do I have to do to have those body curves?” I was convinced that you have to be tall and slender in order to be considered ‘beautiful’ or ‘sexy’ like what models seem to portray.I was neither tall nor slender which made me think so lowly of myself.I convinced myself that eating less or not eating at all is a good way to go.I envied girls who were thin no matter what or how much they eat.

Looking back to this kind of mindset I had honestly makes me cringe. Listen to me ladies and even gentlemen. Yes, Others may be blessed with that body type that you desire or that fast metabolism but hey! We are blessed as much as they are. We are blessed in so many ways and lets focus on what we have instead of what we want to have. There is nothing bad in appreciating others but keep in mind to appreciate yourself too. We are beautiful and sexy in our very own unique ways. Starving yourself is totally unnecessary. Food is an essential thing we just have to choose what to take in wisely. Suggestion: Base it on the Quality not the quantity. Lets not forget about our health, okay? Be confident and flaunt every stretch mark, freckle,wrinkle, and all that. Let us all be confident in our own skin shall we? As Demi Lovato says..Whats wrong with being confident? Remember,We wont get anything from downgrading ourselves. Body Acceptance! wooh!

Chin up, walk and just let them do the talk.

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  1. Social media and men have taught us that the perfect woman is tall, slim and has curves exactly where they should be. I hate that. I wish people understood that nobody’s perfect and all body types are beautiful. Great post! /KM

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  2. Loving your vibe girl ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. The Average Gurl July 10, 2016 — 8:56 am

    It’s so sad that society makes us feel bad for looking perfect for ourselves. They expect us to look how they want which I totally disagree with. I agree with your post as everyone should embrace their body instead of being body shamed by others. Thank you for writing such an inspirational post!

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  4. This post just made me feel 5x more confident. Thank you for keeping it real ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. BION I’m imreesspd! Cool post!

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