Life Update: I miss home…

I miss home
Hello!Ciao!Hola!Bonjour!Konnichiwa! Its Nyana. Ive been out of town lately and I miss home very much. Traveling is fun, yes but its true..youll eventually miss home no matter what. I get this bittersweet feeling every time we go home from a holiday or so. Hotels are great, all those fancy shmancy stuff going on but your own bedroom will always be the best. Right? It just feels extra warm and comfortable. Home is where you don’t have to pack up and leave because its where you belong,where reality is.I am finally going home tomorrow, yay! Which means Ill finally get to seat in front of my desk again and focus on my posts even more.Hold on a bit guys, Ill be posting about the tags in a while which Im super excited about.

Well, School is starting in less than 2 weeks and I don’t know what Im supposed to feel. I mean the only exciting thing about going back to school is shopping for school supplies and meeting new people, duh any kind of shopping is good. I already bought mine and Im quite excited about this school year.It will be stressful of course but I hope it’ll be fun but never as fun as blogging!

How about you? How’s life been? Let me know down below..

Nyana xx;



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  1. My extremely boring summer school is over this week! whoop whoop!!! Where are you at for vacation?

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  2. omg i can relate so much!! im on holiday right now and im loving it, but i still can’t wait to get home ❤ /KM

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  3. Too many coipmlments too little space, thanks!

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