Posting Schedule?

Hello!Ciao!Bonjour!Hola!Konnichiwa!Its Nyana. Here, Guess what? School is starting in 5 days! I really dont know what to feel.. I feel nervous and excited at the same time. Nervous because I might not be able to post frequently, so I have come up with my own posting schedule. I will be posting twice a week, one during weekends and one in weekdays. Is that okay? I hope it is. I will try my very best to post as much as I can in every week, I promise. I love writing even more, All because of your amazing feedbacks. I know school will be stressful and busy but it can be fun too. I know mine will be much better because I now have you, Cheezy alert! No kidding though, It just feels wonderful to know that someone actually cares. How about you, When will you start school or Have you started school? Tell me how you feel about it and how you cope up down below.




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  1. Twice a Week is great! I’m looking forward to school starting, but I know that I will be crushed by homework cause my school district is crazy serious about education 😁😁

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  2. Haha my Holidays started 5 days ago. Good luck for school!

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  3. The Average Gurl July 26, 2016 — 10:36 pm

    Twice a week is perfect! Can’t wait to read more of your posts xx

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