Where do you see yourself in five years?

Hello!Ciao!Hola!Bonjour!Konnichiwa! First of all, I would like to thank Squishy and bubbles (Cobloggering) for nominating me.Oh and they also created this challenge! How cool is that?

Here are thy rules:
1.Thank the person who nominated you for this challenge
2. Simply respond to the question “Where yourself in five years?” In a blog, respond to the multiple question (job, home, relationship, family, etc).
3. Make sure to say how old you are
4. Tag at least 5 other bloggers to do the challenge 5, in five years, do a follow up blog!
5.Mention the creator of this challenge (Cobloggering)

In five years from today, my job would be…
I would be 18 years old by that time so I probably wont have a job just yet. Id be a student, a college student taking up journalism or communication arts in a well known university. By that time I would have familiarized myself to the uni life. I would surely be enjoying and working hard at the same for me to achieve my dreams. Speaking of dreams, lets talk about my dream job, which is being a successful television newscaster.I really do hope that you guys will be with me along the way… and also, I hope you’ll get to see me on TV someday.

in five years from today, my home life would be…
I will be living in our condominium near my school which is far from my hometown. Its located in such a busy city, I would come home from time to time for my family and friends during holidays and free times.

In five years from today, my relationship status would be…
Well, Id be legal now but I wouldn’t be thinking of settling at this early age. Who knows, I might be in a relationship or maybe not. Theres nothing wrong about being in a relationship, We just need to set our priorities straight and beware of our limitations. Same with being single, friends and family will always be there giving us genuine happiness. Honestly, Im okay with any but I think its still too early to be thinking about settling and marriage and all that.

In five years from today, my family home
As said, I wont have my own family by this time. I will continue going home to my mom,dad and brother. Also to some furry fuzz balls.

In five years from today, I will be…
A better version of myself, an independent,courageous,strong Nyana who is chasing her dreams. Of course, I will continue blogging ’til the end and with that, I will surely be happier and wiser. I must have done some bit of traveling as well. I would have gone to CISV village as a Junior Council spreading love and peace!

And its done! Woah, It feels surreal to think of such things.. time flies fast, before we know it Id be posting the follow up blog. Im excited and scared about what the future holds. We’ll get there soon.

Thank you Cobloggering for creating a very wonderful challenge! So much fun! I hope you enjoyed.. Feel free to do this as well, Sorry I just forgot to put your name below😉

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  1. I hope I will see you on the TV one day as a broadcaster ( not a convict… hehehehe😁😁😁) thanks for nominating me too!

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  2. Hey!!! I have nominated you to join the Leibster award!!! the questions are up on my blog if you want to join xx

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  3. So excited you did the challenge!

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  4. thank you for nominating us!! this was so nice to read, it really made me smile 🙂 /KM

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  5. heyy! I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the liebster award! ❤ /KM

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  6. Thanks so much for the nomination! Looking forward to seeing you on tv 😉

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