Hello hello hello beautiful sexy people of the virtual world! You thought just right.. It really is me, I AM BACK!! Honestly don’t know where to begin. That hiatus was just unexpected and now I am finally more than ready to live in this world again! Now that I have come to my senses I would like to start off by sharing on of the things that kept me entertained throughout my break.




I enjoy watching korean dramas so much (not as much as blogging) So, Here are the top 5 in my list:

5)City Hunter- 2011


  • This isn’t your standard drama series because its an eye opener about social issues which interest me the most.

4)Legend of the blue sea-2016


-This just ended yesterday which obviously put me to tears Anyway, it has this fairytale vibe probably because it involves a mermaid but its totally a light but heavy experience.

3)Moonlovers scarlet heart ryeo -2016


-This is basically about the joseon era (korean history). Very intense but totally worth it! Watching this was putting y emotions at stake, simply thinking about it gives me goose bumps.

2)Descendants of the sun-2016


-So much feels for this drama, ugh. I believe this gained so much popularity all throughout the world because everything about this is simply world class! Super great story.. sml

1)Weightlifting fairy kim bok joo-2016


-This drama found a way straight to my heart.. Such a light and cute story. Perfect for teens like me! this is about sports as well so I really felt some sort of connection. THE BEST! plus, I fell in love with the lead guy (Nam too hyuk) hehe.

and you have it! I would be more than glad if you actually go and give kdramas a try because trust me they’re absolutely amazing! aaaand if any of you watch as well please let me know! *Dont forget to give me some feedback in case you go and watch it*

Among the 5, What do you think will you love the most? answer me below!

xx, nyana



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  1. I liked your blog a lot…..Please check out mine. I would really appreciate your opinion

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  2. That’s a shrewd answer to a tricky quisteon


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